Answers for Apprentices and their Supervisors

I just received my Apprentice Dispenser License. What do I need to do now?

Apprentices are issued the Apprenticeship Rules and Guidelines (pdf), outlining their responsibilities when they are mailed their license certificates. Some important things to remember:

    1. Apprentices must enroll in their ophthalmic education program of choice within 6 months of receiving their licenses (and submit proof of enrollment to the Board office) and 
    2. Apprentices must renew their licenses each year by January 31st and include the requisite proof of educational progress with the renewal application.

      What is required of apprentices with respect to workplace supervision?

      An apprentice must be supervised by a licensed optician at all times when performing dispensing duties. Every apprentice must obtain a Supervisor of Record at his/her place of employment and keep an Apprentice Supervision Form (pdf) on file with the Board Office. If an apprentice needs to change supervisors, a new form must be submitted to the Board within 10 days of the change. When the apprentice’s Supervisor of Record is unavailable, the apprentice may work under the supervision of another Nevada-licensed optician, optometrist, or ophthalmologist, however, the apprentice’s Supervisor of Record is always responsible for ensuring the apprentice knows and follows the law.

        What if an apprentice works at more than one location?

        If an apprentice works at additional locations only occasionally (such as when another location is short-staffed), this is considered a temporary change of location and the apprentice may work under a temporary supervisor, so long as the Supervisor of Record has agreed to this arrangement. If an apprentice routinely works at two or more locations, he or she must have a Supervisor of Record for each location on file with the Board Office.

          What is required of supervising opticians with respect to their apprentices?

          An optician may be the Supervisor of Record for a total of two licensed apprentices and may provide substitute supervision when an apprentice’s Supervisor of Record is unavailable. The supervising optician must provide direct supervision any time the apprentice is dispensing prescription eyewear. Direct supervision means the physical presence and proximity of the supervisor while the apprentice dispenses and oversight of all dispensing activities. The supervisor may not be “off the clock” (i.e. on a break or in another part of the building) while the apprentice dispenses. A licensed optician may provide direct supervision to no more than two apprentices at any one time.