Applications for Change of Licensure Status

Inactivation/Reactivation of a License

To inactivate your Dispensing Optician or Limited Dispensing Optician License, log in to your account and go to the Forms tab. To reactivate your license, complete the current year’s renewal form. You will need to submit 14 CE credits earned within the past 12 months. The fee to inactivate or reactivate a license is $300.


    For licensees who wish to reinstate an expired license. A license may only be reinstated within two years of its expiration. Please see the application for details.

      Upgrade to Dual Ophthalmic Dispenser License

      For licensees who currently hold a Limited Ophthalmic Dispenser License (no longer available) and would like to upgrade to a full (Dual) Ophthalmic Dispenser License.  Applicants for licensure upgrade are required to pass a modified version of the state board exam.  Please see the application for details.

        Renewal of License