Continuing Education

Continuing Education Requirements

Continuing education is a requirement for the yearly renewal of an Ophthalmic Dispenser or Limited Ophthalmic Dispenser License. The current requirements are as follows:

    1. For renewal of a full (Dual) Ophthalmic Dispenser License: 14 credits per year; 7 credits must be earned for contact-lens specific courses; 7 credits must be “live,” in-class credits (these credit requirements may overlap). Seven (7) additional credits may be “rolled over” to the following year’s renewal.

    2. For the renewal of a Limited Ophthalmic Dispenser License: 12 credits per year; all credits may be for spectacle-specific courses; 6 credits must be “live,” in-class credits. Six (6) additional credits may be “rolled over” to the following year’s renewal.

      2018 Continuing Education Course Availability

      Other Continuing Education Resources

      In addition to the approved courses linked above, the following options are available for Continuing Education credit:

        1. Any continuing education course approved or sponsored by the American Board of Opticianry, the National Committee of Contact Lens Examiners, the National Academy of Opticianry, or the Contact Lens Society of America.

        2. Meetings of the Nevada Board of Dispensing Opticians (maximum of seven credits per year —up to four CL credits, and three SP credits). 

        3. Accredited CPR courses – each instructional hour is good for one SP/CL credit. 

        4. College of Southern Nevada ophthalmic education program courses—one three-credit CSN course equals six SP/CL credits (only if not taken as part of a degree or certificate program required for apprenticeship). 

        5. Earning your ABO or NCLE Advanced Certification (within the current renewal year) - either certification is worth a full year (14) of CE credits.

        6. Community service - you may earn up to 4 "live," CE credits for providing ophthalmic community service (must include dispensing experience)

          Course Approval Request

          Complete and submit this form to request board approval of a continuing education course you plan to present or attend for license renewal credit.